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May 14, 2022 – May 21, 2022





A collection of 900 Homunculus, little men geniuses of alchemy

A new project with the aim of taking this collection forward and then making more


PROJECT FOR INVESTORS PROFIT Each tier will have a different price to make a safe purchase and guarantee security.


I will start with low prices and in the future I will continue with more projects 

The first 100 buyers of a homunculus will receive another one for free 

On my twitter I will do NFTs giveaways for everyone who follows me 

I am open to companies that are interested in this and my next projects 

The first 10 days there will be a 10% discount for ALL homunculus 

Quick customer service 

Possible Flash offers announced on my twitter 



 Every day we do marketing through our social networks

 NFT FREE + rewards and discounts in my whitelist

⚪Giveaways for ALL my twitter followers


 3 ETH Giveaway For 3 possible winners on my twitter after we sell 600 NFT! 

The 100 first holders of an NFT from this collection will get a discount in the following 2nd season... 

 A 2nd season is coming after selling the first 100 NFTs 

 Flash offers in my twitter  👉https://twitter.com/HomunculusNFTs

Don't miss the next NFT drops

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