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January 29, 2022 – February 05, 2022





Pixel Orcas is a part of Pixel Zoo a unique Ethereum Eco-system we plan to create an entire zoo of Pixelated animals(Zoo Yet to be released) every animal acquired will have it's current owner name. Be the first to grab and become a part of the Pixel Zoo. Website(Soon to be released) There will be 1000+ of each animal with some of them being exclusive to buyers and giveaways all the prices will be the same for any buyers, no perk in price to be given to owners. Reverting part of the funds to charities related with the protection of animals amount yet to be decided as we want to make a difference.

We are currently holding a giveaway to the 1st 10 buyers of 10 unique Orcas with unique traits that are not shared with other orcas. To add on to this giveaway, we are also holding a giveaway on our Social webpages for more Orcas, be sure to check them out.

By buying an Orca, you are not just buying an Orca, you are accessing a growing community and member exclusive access to some of our facilities.

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