Paladin Punks V1

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June 23, 2023 – June 30, 2023





Modeled after inspiring early adopters of the web3 realm using the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to lead by example and inspire change. Paladin Punks V1 are based on and modelled after bad*ss Web3 women to make up for the 2320 female punks that were previously left out. However, this project is created for everyone, we celebrate men who want to own and support a female punk, demonstrating their support for equality. Everyone owning V1 Paladin Punk will have equal access to the V2 version, which will include male Paladin Punks. There will be options to have a bespoke Paladin Punk modeled after you by the creator Paladin, so make sure you hold enough Paladin Punks for this unique opportunity.

We have built the Paladin Punks Museum metaverse where you can already meet the people in our community and where we hold events in collaboration with other great projects in Web3. Come visit on a computer to get your Mint Pass. Getting the Mint Pass before June 9th will allow you more mints on June 23rd.

The Paladin Punks strive to create a bright future for all, our community values diversity, and together we stand as a beacon of hope and empowerment, shining a light on the limitless potential of all people in the digital age.

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