Overwater Lazy Pelican

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March 01, 2022 – March 08, 2022





The lazy pelican squad is the first overwater nft set to integrate augmented reality within the world overwater metaverse. Founded by the team at overwater and composed of 10,000 unique digital collectibles on the ethereum blockchain erc-721. Olps is about creating augmented reality experiences geolocated around the world all contributing to the development of the live metaverse.

Owner perks & utility

Community events & partnerships

* olps has a wide variety of collaborations in place - not only celebrities, but also the world's biggest brands.

* olps has partnered with world overwater to be the first live metaverse platform to incorporate both 2d & 3d lazy pelicans into augmented reality experiences and events.

* all holders will receive special access to not only the overwater metaverse events, but also the events live in person. Exclusive overwater live events to be organized in most major overwater cities (belize, miami, fiji, bora bora, maldives, mexico)


* access to the presale, whitelist, and release of the overwater token ($over) sale april 1, 2022

* holders are guaranteed to receive $over airdropped to all holders after the $over public sale concluded.

* owners of 3d world overwater pelican collection will quality for land parcel airdrops within world overwater

3d overwater pelican collection: upload yourself into the metaverse !

* the olps nfts are exclusive avatars usable within the metaverse and they function as digital identities for the user. The identity gives users access to certain rights in the platform.

* olps nfts give users the right to participate in the world overwater social spaces to include overwater resorts both virtual and live in person around the world.

* the olps will have portions of land in the world overwater, sandbox, and decentraland, wherein the metaverse communities will be established. Accessibility to these communities will be through the pelican squad nfts.

Build virtual business: real world utility and mass adoption

* olps has a wide variety of collaborations in place - not only celebrities, but also the world's biggest brands. Discord channel to bring live augmented reality business to the world overwater.

* priority access to the overwater marketplace that will host nfts / metaverse projects and establishing ourselves as a leader in the industry.

* own land within the live metaverse at world overwater. Turn your basic land parcel into a $over earning empire! Earn from creating experiences, reinvest into your world, watch your empire grow!

We are planning to add a lot more utility to the project. (more high quality partnerships/celebrities, exclusive brand deals..Etc). The team is 100% committed to establish olps as a blue chip in its niche. So get ready to receive a lot more surprises along the way.

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