Embrace Adhd, Autism

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March 03, 2022 – March 10, 2022





A community for ADHD and Autistic people like me?? SAY WHAT?!

You heard us! Say hello to Neurodiverse Singer Brains!

Named after Judy Singer, a sociologist with autism, who coined the term “neurodiversity” in the late 1990s, we created 1,000 unique "Neurodiverse Singer Brains" NFTs to celebrate the 1.2 billion of us who identify as neurodivergent. (Including more than just ADHD & Austism!)

NSBs highlight both the challenges and strengths that neurodivergent minds can create and encourage us to rock on just as we are by leveraging community, blockchain utility, and more.

Our vision is to provide a safe environment to share and experience the joys and pains of living a neurodivergent life in a world that wasn’t designed for us.

NSB Community & Utility

The NSB Community Discord Group is open to everyone to join and connect with other neuroatypical badasses like yourself. However, owning an NSB will give you additional access to exclusive utilities designed for you, including:

Voting Rights: Access to vote on which nonprofit organizations supporting neurodivergence will receive donations from the project

NSB Annual Concert & Community Events: Access to the “NSB Annual Concert”, AKA the dopest exclusive online gathering bringing together the NSB community and neurodiversity experts

Giveaways: Opportunities to receive giveaways and prizes from other neurodivergent NFT and crypto projects (yes, that means free)

& More: Did someone say metaverse community with digital avatar characters in a VR environment? … Stay tuned

Giving Back

We are proud to donate to nonprofits supporting neurodiverse individuals and will make donations every 100 NSBs sold.

Nominations for recipient organizations will be crowdsourced by the NSB Discord Community, and then voted on by verified NSB owners. No voting fruad here folks!

Plus, proceeds from all subsequent NSB resales will be voted on and donated as well.

Buy your NSB & Join the Community

We can’t wait to meet you all and get to hangout with other neurodivergent rockstars. Celebrate neurodiversity with an NFT as unique as your brain! Welcome to the NSB community!

Available for purchase on OpenSea: March 8 at 8pm CT

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