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June 05, 2022 – June 12, 2022





O.B.I. Studios Presents:

Omnipotent Beings Interdimensional

Innovation within the NFT Space with a beautiful Graphic Web Novel!

This Web Novel will lay out the Lore for our NFT Collection.

Eight Races: Two Genders of Each: All in One Collection:

16 Collections with their own Traits in our One Collection!

We have such a Diverse set of Interdimensional Races!

Seven Sins & Zoth?

Each Race has fallen to Sin Manifesting a New Race:

The Ardenterians: Our First Divine Race; once bringers of Law & Order turned Gluttonous Psychopaths

The Kleptians: Our Second Divine Race; talented craftsmenship of metal manipulation now seeks Greedy Futility

The Ophites: Our Third Divine Race; monsterous creatures with a chip on their shoulder of Envious Hatred

The Valkarians: Our Fourth Race; beautiful beast tamers with Lustful NecRomantic Tendencies

The Hadesians: Our Fifth Race; mysterious shadowy creatures that have been consumed by a Hierarchy of Wrath

The Xenarths: Our Sixth Race; Tribal Planet Dwellers that were wiped out in masses leading to a Retreat in Sloth

The Icarians: Our Seventh Race; dragonic material users & abusers who have the Pride of their mightiest Dragons.

Zoth: The Manifested Ones; these newly born creatures are seen as the newest sin to hit the Omniverse Chaos... or were they...

What we offer:

Interactive DAO Storyline to further build lore behind each Race uniquely

Full Transparency on Development

A beautiful story where once we finish the Main Books, we will allow holders to vote on their own stories to be published into Side Lore Books

Apparel & Sponsorship Deals for our Books & their Characters


Omnipotent Beings Interdimensional:

The First P2E 2D Hand-Drawn MMORPG

If you're interested please check out our Discord!

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