NFT Drop by Kenny Scharf

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May 08, 2021 – May 09, 2021






UPDT: This drop has been pushed to a later date - we will announce the date in the near future.

On May 8th, Kenny Scharf is coming back to Nifty Gateway with a new NFT collection.

Mr. Scharf can be boldly called one of the most prominent artists (street artists) in the world. He became super famous during the NYC art boom of the 1980s alongside fellow artists Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, and other art legends.

Kenny Scharf has held countless exhibitions across the globe as well as embellished various cities with amazing murals. His artworks are usually thought out very well, expertly crafted, and eye-catching.

"My ambition as a professional artist is to maintain the course that I set 30 years ago by establishing my work in the fields of painting, sculpture, and performance. Every project I undertake is building on my past experiences. My original approach is unchanged; it is a personal challenge to produce the best work possible every time. One very important and guiding principle to my work is to reach out beyond the elitist boundaries of fine art and connect to popular culture through my art. My personal ambition has always been to live the example" – says Kenny.

Mark your calendars for May 8th not to miss the drop by a legendary artist!

Tags: #art

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