Neon Future by Steve Aoki x Maciej Kuciara

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April 27, 2021 – April 28, 2021





American DJ, music producer, 2x Grammy-nominated artist Steve Aoki has partnered with the co-founder of Impact Theory Tom Bilyeu, and a concept digital artist Maciej Kuciara to release an NFT drop.

On April 27th, the ‘Neon Future’ NFT collection in the spirit of Futuristic Sci-Fi Series will drop on Nifty Gateway. The collection will feature packs, limited editions, and open editions inspired by Impact Theory’s “Neon Future” comic series created by Steve Aoki & Tom Bilyeu.

"It Doesn’t Matter What You Look At, It Matters What You See” – say the artists about their collaborative work.

When such powerful creators unite their forces, high-profile releases come out! Each NFT is made in Maciej’s style of blending together 90’s era 2D anime art with 3D techniques paired with original music by Steve Aoki. By the way, the artworks within the collection come in 2 different colorways - classic newspaper black and white print, and full color.

This is the second NFT drop for Steve Aoki but the first for Maciej Kuciara.

“I’m very excited to share this collection with the world,” told Maciej Kuciara. “The partnership with Steve and Tom has been an amazing experience.”

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