Monkey's Town Evolution

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March 04, 2022 – March 11, 2022





777 generative NFT created by racg applying plasticine modeling techniques and image editing with PS and Gimp programs. In the use of the different resources, the backgrounds were created with artificial intelligence software, in order to add more value to digital art.

Minted from the Monkey's Town Evolution collection item to ensure profit for investors:

1 – 111 floor priceà 0.01 ETH

112 – 333 floor price à 0.02 ETH

333 – 777 floor price à 0.03 ETH.


10/07/2021 -- Start of the nft project and the creation of the 2 previous collections.

12/12/2021 -- Creation of a landing page in Opensea and minting of 99 items from Monkey's Town I

01/07/2022 -- 93 Nft minted at Opensea from the Monkey’s Town II collection.

01/17/2022 -- Beginning of the creation and plasticine modeling of the 777 NFt from the Monkey's Town Evolution collection.

02/27/2022 -- Creation of landing page Monkey's Town Evolution.

03/03/2022 -- Minted from the first 111 NFT.

04/03/2022 -- Minted from the second batch of NFT, item 112 to 333.

05/07/2022 -- Minted from the total remaining items in the collection.

07/07/2022 -- Creation of the racg tokens, which will be a loyalty token, which will be distributed among the most active investors in the collection. This token will have its liquidity in pancakeswap with the BNB pair.

07/10/2022 -- Use of 20% of the funds raised by the collection for the purchase of Cake and placed in the pool of the same platform.

07/15/2022 -- Distribution of the racg tokens to the investors of the collection.

12/01/2022 -- Withdrawal of funds from the pool and injection of liquidity to the racg/BNB pair, so that all investors can withdraw their profits.

12/15/2022 -- Creation of the Fourth Monkey's Town collection, which will be minted in ETH.

??? Minted from the new collection and gift of 2 NFTs at random among the holders.

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