Unfriendly Ducks

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April 04, 2022 – April 11, 2022





+230 traits define Unfriendly Ducks, the playable characters for the new play-to-earn game Duckverse, and the metaverse. Ownership of an Unfriendly Duck NFT will grant access to the upcoming game and metaverse and the ability to start earning income, our new ethereum coin $DUCK.

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What is the utility of buying Unfriendly Ducks? Play-to-earn game: Duckverse. Unfriendly Ducks grant access to the game because they are the characters of it. We started developing the Duckverse p2e game in October of 2021. The game will feature its own Token ($DUCK), farming, NFT art galleries. a marketplace, and much more. Starting out as a few, we grew the team and made a roadmap which we are comitted to. We expect to grow the team bigger with more resources after mint. Holders will get one item and one parcel for free when they are released. So basically, you can start earning with just one duck. Metaverse As a holder, you will have access to your own parcel of the metaverse which will give you a whole range of possibilities, including NFT art galleries model, the ability to profit from your parcels, and more. We expect, however, to launch the game first while we develop both sides of the project, and then integrate them. More information to come. Be your NFT Your duck is a 1o1 unique duck, and is your playable character in game. It will also be your character in the metaverse and it can define you in social media. We are currently developing other tools to give you a Content Creator for your Unfriendly Ducks. Staking You will have the chance to earn $DUCK by staking your NFT. Tokenomics will be released upon the staking feature release. Exclusive community perks Unfriendly Ducks community should get all the perks that we can get. Therefore, we will not add further goals in order for holders to unlock future perks. We will work with collaborations, leaks, giveaways and more to give NFT holders the best profitability and opportunities. We will be giving away: IRL travel flights and hotels, drops from other collections, leaks from other verses, and more.

We are working to implement perks and a long list of features in these verses, apart from our own, which will be compatible with all Ducks, Items and Parcels.

Items will be in-game objects that will have different impacts, based on their nature (weapons, shielding, potions, farming tools). Unfriendly Ducks holders will receive a free Item for their ducks when Items are released for mint (Ago. 3)

Parcels will be in-game plots that will have its counterpart in the metaverse, as well as in-game. They will provide extra opportunities for holders to extra profit from them. Unfriendly Ducks holders will receive a free Parcel for the game and the metaverse when Parcels are released for mint (Sep. 3)

This is not a Bored Ape or a Crypto Punk project, but who wouldn't love these Ducks? Quack!

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