Mantis Club

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January 29, 2022 – February 05, 2022





Kick-off event for the Mantis Club collection.

The Mantis Club is not just a cummunity of NFT holders, it's a collection of 2,500 unique NFTs with extra value for your Reallife.

It's a community, which has free entrence on any Mantis event. 

For the entrence you have to prove ownership of a Greedy Mantis and you're good to go.

But what are Mantis events?

Any event can also be a Mantis event, like a party, a vernisage, a carmeet, an online-gathering, I think you got it by now.

Every Member can host such an event and invite other members to join.

But there will be at least one big gathering a year and the community decides where it will happen.

There will be more events in the future, planned by the Creator & Friends. 

For further information join our Discord server:

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