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January 28, 2022 – February 04, 2022





Next generation DAO to provide tools and resources to the next top metaverse & NFT projects.

We believe metaverse & nft projects should be owned & managed not by handful VCs and brands or founders themselves but by all of its community in a decentralized way and in a degree proportionate to their actual contribution and this is what we will be trying to achieve by creating our own next generation DAO and relevant tools also gathering resources and providing support for other projects to follow. Join our exciting long-term project through buying our first limited (only 100) NFT collection and providing your support. The earlier you join the lower number token you get and the more you contribute the more DAO influence you will have at launch. Average token sale price 2 ETH but can be lower depending on what you are bringing to the table. Reach out via links as we're now invite only.

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