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May 05, 2022 – May 12, 2022





The first part has started and our first 25 NFTs has been deployed on Polygon Network!


1. The first part: We are gonna list our first 25 NFTs with a price of 0.006ETH.

2. The second part: Start promoting the project on social media and get more people for the community. When the first NFTs are sold, we will make a contest for new people

3. The third part: We are gonna list 75 NFTs more, price will be different if NFT is rare. Price will be defined with our rare scale.

4. The fourth part: We are gonna start developing our NFT game, this game will be a play to earn game and you will need one NFT ti play. When the game is ready, people from Latin America(Only people without resources) will be able to apply for a scholarship and they will have the opportunity to play free or cheaper. 

5. The fifth part: We are gonna list 200 NFTs more and when NFTs are sold, 50% of sales will be given to people without resources or invested in our program to make people earn money.

6. The sixth part: Launch LPCZ( LatinPeopleCrackzCoin), a coin to interact in our store, you will need to buy this coin to play our NFT game.

7. What will be the next?...

This is a project created by UnexpectedBrou. 

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