Hon's Buns

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March 25, 2022 – April 01, 2022





2,500 of 10,000 thoroughbred Buns are getting ready to be minted by owners and collectors who love bunnies or just love NFTs. Created by a new artist, Shucksworthy, an illustrator, developer, contributor to a new NFT marketplace, and most importantly, a proud dad to some dope bunnies.

Hon's Buns will have its Debut Drop and will be followed up by themed dropped with more and more exotic Buns to collect.

A percentage of the funds raised at mint and royalties from the secondary market will be used to pay vet bills for owners who love their bunnies but can't afford surgery for their exotic pets in an effort to keep the buns from being rehomed or euthanized in shelters.

Jump down the rabbit hole and become a proud owner of Hon's Bun NFTs.

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