Hero Pepper

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March 27, 2022 – April 03, 2022





Pepper nfts are more than just a profile picture. Each pepper is a playable character that can grow, battle and collect valuable items from the pepper metaverse. Pepper metaverse is a virtual world that can be experienced through various mediums such as storytelling, gaming, manga & motion-picture.

Benefits of owning a pepper

- play and explore the game world of pepper attack.

- earn $tokens and valuable game items.

- take part in future mini-games in the pepper metaverse.

How to get a pepper?

Pepper nfts can be summoned by opening the summon boxes.

Price : 0.015 eth / box

Minting date: march 27, 2022

Quantity: to be announced

What are the rarities?

There are 4 rarities levels. Rarer peppers will have higher genius points. More details here: https://whitepaper.Pepperattack.Com/gameplay/rarity

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