Arcane Avians

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March 21, 2022 – March 28, 2022





Arcane Avians is a genesis collection made up of 2468 of the baddest birds on the (ethereum) blockchain. Each avian will be completely unique being made up of 100s of traits. There are 20 1/1s in the collection, 10 of them being animated. These 1/1s will be available via auctions, random mints, and giveaways!

Stake your avian(s) and earn $FLAP tokens that can be used to breed, purchase whitelist positions for other projects, purchase merchandise, purchase other variations of Arcane Avians from other collections (Voxel Avians for the Sandbox Game, 3D Avians, baby avians, other generations/styles of avians, etc.), and to use in our games post mint.  

10% of the initial mint proceeds, 35% of the proceeds from the animated 1/1 auctions, and half of all secondary sales will go towards a production wallet that will help us to further the development of the project.
5% of the initial mint proceeds, as well as 15% of the proceeds from the animated 1/1 auctions will go to helping families in need and charities we agree upon.

There will be mini-games made that you can play and earn $FLAP tokens while our main game is under development. Every aspect of the main game will be decided by genesis holders from the category of game it will be to the looks and names of nearly every element in the game. Names of enemies/NPCs, the combat system, names of locations, etc. Everything decided on and implemented into the main game will be voted on and suggested by the community.

We strive to be a community based project and to be as transparent as possible and to provide as much fun and rewards for our holders as we can. Come check us out and fly high avians!

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