Hallowerse 2022 Specials

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November 05, 2022 – November 12, 2022





Let's begin with the aim of the MergoVerse project: 

We aim to create a economy/resource management based NFT game with a twist.

The goal of the project is to create a virtual microeconomics medium driven by the community. Each holder will have special benefits for having acquired specific pieces, depending on they're unique properties and stats. 

The ecosystem will basically function like this 

As the user base evolves, more Galaxies will be delivered to the community. 

Each galaxy contains a certain number of items. Each item has its unique properties and will contribute to the internal economy. Of course, in order to create a free market, everybody will be able to set his own prices, which will lead to total financial freedom inside the platform.

Stars will have they're own identity and will come along with they're solar systems. They contain valuable resources, based on which prices can be set and they can be traded as a unique entity. Each star will come with its own solar system, but are not dependent on the other elements. 

Planets are part of each solar system, and the owners of a planet will receive over time rewards depending on the actual activity on the planet. The ideal goal of the planet owners should be to promote for the sole purpose of driving more activity on they're owned planet. Those that are successful will be able to gain massive amounts of earnings overtime.  This brings the opportunity of great passive earnings. Each planet will contain certain blocks of land. These can be traded freely, even if the planet is not owned by anyone, and on a non-owned planet, a pre-defined percent of the passive earnings a planet owner would normally get will be split evenly across all holders, until the planet gets bought. 

Land will essentially be habitable or not, and will also contain certain resources depending of it's type. This gives each piece uniqueness and will allow active trading for profits. 

MergoVerse is also about fun, and Halloween is a LOT of fun. That's why we're bringing out the big scopes and delivering the "Hallowerse Space Explorer" experience. Packing a huge ammount of resources and focusing on long time profits, we bring to life the Hallowerse 2022 exclusives. A collection of 2 planets, 4 land pieces, 4 space cadets and a star, to celebrate this year's Halloween in style. 

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