Goofy Dog Privy Club

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October 28, 2023 – November 04, 2023







Welcome to the Goofy Dog Privy Club.

This is a pure collection of 6000 unique Goofy Dog NFTs (some are rarer than others), that double as a membership card into the Goofy Dog Club. These unique digital collectibles are living on the Ethereum blockchain. Every Goofy Dog owner gets not only an avatar or a rare piece of the "art".

First of all, the Goofy Dog Privy Club NFTs will allow any holder to mint a new NFT within upcoming related projects. Each member of the club will also be able to enjoy exclusive benefits in future, which increase over time. Our membership costs the same for everyone, no price tiers or presales.

Roadmap milestones can be unlocked only by the community. For more details visit our website.

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