Genesis society-rebels edition

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October 01, 2022 – October 08, 2022




Over 500 PFP NFT's made by Croatian pop-art creator Daniel Čelan.

Featuring 12 different body types. Over 250 different faces, backgrounds, elements and colors. Each NFT is animated in VHS and glitch effects, in loop mode. There are 4 basic rarity types: common (450 NFT's), rare (50 NFT's), the final Rebel (1 NFT) and Legendary (unknown number - airdropped to holders). There's no same NFT in the collection, even the duplicate faces have different colors and elements to them. You can view how I made them on the website.

Rare is made entirely in black and white with color spectrum changing in the background. Legendary is full in color and the final Rebel is made to be last minted NFT as a reward to the owner of the most Rebels.

Charity: 30% of the profits going to charity pool. Voting is every 2 weeks on Discord and owners choose who gets the money. No big organizations are in the voting system - only small charity or individuals needing financial help.

There's also crypto rewards/giveaway happening every month. One giveaway is for common holders, other is for rare holders. One person can enter both giveaways.

You can get a custom-made Genesis Society Original Collection NFT, made by your wishes, with your theme and ideas.

The owner of the final Rebel gets first edition Genesis Society T-Shirt and #001 NFT of the next collection.

Everything is transperent on the website of the collection, with spreadsheet available to download that highlights charity donations, who got the rewards, what is sold to who and other relevant information.

The collection took me over 350 hours to make, and another 30 to design the website. I'm a graphic designer and photographer with 15+ years of experience just trying out NFT's and trying to give something different to the market. I'm all doxxed, with my personal information, my story and childhood revealed on my Discord channel. Thank you for the support!

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