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May 16, 2022 – May 23, 2022





A Private collection of 4,000 Nfts of the 7 Times World Champion of F1 LEWIS HAMILTON, Living in Polygon chain! 

Made by the artist Fergus (10% Sales will go to Charity)

Community builind in:

1. Discord
2. Twitter 
3. Instagram

ALso holders will have access to exclusive community and will recieve a FREE NFT with a different driver of Formula 1 for the first 1000 people who mint! also we will do Giveaways of 1ETH for anybody who is holding with us, for our holders we will give a 3D Nft of legends of F1 as Michael Shumacher, Senna, Prost and many more free so you can hold our First Collection and sell if you like the legends of F1 the price you want, and we are giving FREE tickets for a Grand Prix Austin Texas or Miami Grand Prix in our giveaways,  many surprises will happen but to increase the value of our collection, our holders who wait for the second Collection in 3D will have access a unique giveaway of 3ETH and access of our future game in the Metaverse of F1 where you can give a use of your NFT. Last and Not least we will create our own Crypto then you will get more info about this in the future join our community TODAY. Our goal is to be the unique and biggest NFTS drivers of F1! 

If you would like to know more about us join us in Discord! We are starting to build a community, be one of the first ones! 

Price of mint: 147.597 MATIC (POLYGON) - 250$USD


03/27/2022: 4,000 NFTs models ready.

04/02/2022: Start Marketing and level 1 Giveaways social media, Discord.

04/20/2022: Will get the Charity to destiny % Sales

04/13/2022: Landing page Completely finish on OpenSea

05/16/2022: Mint Live. 

05/23/2022: Free NFT for the first 1000 people who mint.

05/31/2022: FormulArt 1 Universe, Hamilton Collection will send 10% of the sales to the Charity. 

06/02/2022: Giveaways level 2 and 3 start just for our holders. 

06/10/2022: Announcement of the second collection.

This is NOT CryptoPunk or Bored Ape Collection but It will be the NUMBER 1 COLLECTION OF SPORTS RACING WITH UNIQUE DRIVERS NFTS. 

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