Etherian Knights from the Metaverse

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May 16, 2022 – May 23, 2022





In a not so distant future, in a galaxy near, nearby, 4 species of Cryptonian Warriors (Etherian, Solanian, Cardanian and Binancian) are fighting to become the Crypto that rules them all.
Help them gaining dominance over the other by supporting your favorite blockchain.

The Etherian Knights are the first 7.777 uniquely, algorithmically generated Cryptonian Warriors from the Metaverse to reach planet earth.
Their goal is to find players to help them win the KRIHOS.
In this yearly PvP NFT-fighting Tournament, the competing planets each delegate their finest warriors to have a shot at taking down ‘Otomakan Ihsotas’, the most ruthless warrior of the Bitconian Race.

This supreme race that manifests as ERC-721 full body art tokens on the Ethereum blockchain will be available for 0.07 ETH to mint.
They will teach the humans how they know no racism, why they are LGBTQIA+ minded and how to effectively set up charities.
They will show you sick comics (all but first will be developed by the community) and give you a chance to meet them irl at the KRIHOS.

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-          First Cryptonian Warrior Race
-          Full Body Awesome Art
-          mindblowing stories through (digital) comics.
-          No Racism
-          Pro LGBTQIA+
-          Charity
-          PvP NFT-fighting game (Mortal Kombat / Streetfighter – style)
-          They will take you to places with people you could have never
-          They will change your view on life.
-          They are just the beginning.

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