Dobe Dudes

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February 02, 2023 – February 09, 2023


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Dobe Dudes is an evolving storyline PFP brand. Backed by WEB2 creative agency with years of experience. We are aiming to be one of the OG projects in Solana by creating unique experiences in everything that we offer.

Dobe Dudes have a unique evolving story experience and trait&story-based missions no one has ever done before. NFTs will be evolving with the story and will only be eligible for the stories based on the course of the story and the traits of the NFTs they have. We are creating a new innovative raffle system, decoration tools such as wallpaper, gif and banner makers, NFT combinators, and more.

Dobe Dudes building a platform to connect project owners with independent WEB3 professionals around the globe. Our marketplace for WEB3 professionals in fields like Collab Management, Alpha Hunting, Community Management, Moderation, Discord Security, Advisory, and more. Our marketplace helps professionals find projects, communicate with project owners, and get paid. It is like Upwork for WEB3.

We are here to fill the gap in WEB3. We have a lot more on the way and we want to see you with us on this journey!

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