Devious Demon Dudes NFT Collectibles

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July 06, 2021 – July 07, 2021





The Underworld rises and changes the NFT World forever!

Drop Time: 6 PM PST
Total Supply: 6666
Price: 0.0666 ETH

The NFT community has been longing for a community and utility-based project. That’s where Devious Demon Dudes comes in; we are more than just a collectible avatar. Our team has many utility-based projects on deck to maintain interest, grow the community and deliver value to the community well beyond just an avatar. These plans include a liquidity pool, Decentraland wearables, The Sandbox integration, airdrops, physical items, and partnerships with leaders in the NFT World. There are also some other innovative plans we can’t announce just yet!

We see projects every week that garner initial hype then gradually lose steam and fade in the weeks after launch. The reason this happens is due to a lack of engagement post-launch from the founding team. Our founding team realizes that July 6th is when the real work begins. We want to build a community and deliver value to all the Devious Demons out there! Can’t wait until you guys can see the 🔥 and announcements we have in store!

On July 6th at 6 PM PST, It’s Demon Time!

@DemonDudesNFT on Twitter

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