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Devious Demon Dudes

Devious Demon Dudes is a collection of 6666 ERC-721 collectibles that follow a legendary storyline. According to the narrative, a crack to the underworld appeared in Pennsylvania, allowing 6666 unlucky individuals to become part of the only Club in the underworld. Each Demon Dude is digitally drawn by hand and has unique attributes. The Devious Demon Dudes project accepts members to the community discord server, where participants enter contests for devious rewards. Each milestone in the roadmap of the project has attached prizes for members. For instance, the 66% milestone promises to award physical collectibles to Six randomly selected Demon Dudes.

At the end of the project, the project’s artist will design a Dudette to be awarded to one lucky NFT holder. The event will mark the introduction of the second phase, which features demon dudettes of the underworld. The project leaders are known as sinners and include Phil, the Founder, Flegz, the Head Artist, Gman, and the Lead Developer. Devious Demon Dudes debuted in the summer of 2021. The project’s NFTs are listed for trade on OpenSea.

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