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Mr. Misang (Ju Yong Lee) is a South Korean digital artist who gained fame through creative art pieces full of colour and based on contemporary life and consumerism. He took an interest in art since he was young and honed his skills by joining creative arts communities on Facebook. He majored in communication design in college to build on his high school major, comical art design. At the start of his career, the artist chose the name “Mr. Misang,” which translates to Anonymous in Korean. Adopting modern tools like Adobe Photoshop and Wacom Cintique has improved his creative process and enabled him to create some of his best works.

His most successful projects are “Modern Life Is Rubbish” and “Modern Life is Theme Park.” Mr. Misang has created animations for well-known brands like Hyundai and done album covers for celebrities in Music. Art from this artist debuted on the Nifty Gateway platform in 2021 under a collection titled “Masked Workers.” It contains art that depicts the modern world, which is full of ironies and dilemmas.

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