CryptoSkulls NFT sale

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November 25, 2021 – November 30, 2021





CryptoSkulls is an NFT project from 2019.

We, the CryptoSkulls team, came to crypto art from FinTech startups with an idea to make an interesting project in the young NFT space. The project that symbolizes freedom - freedom of thought, freedom of creativity and self-expression. And the Skull symbol was perfect for us in this regard. We added mad colors and got crazy avatars for rock 'n' rollers.

When we started our first tokens were sold for just a few dollars. We did not strive to sell everything at once - the development of the project is important for us, and therefore it was decided to support CryptoSkulls with a Gold Of Skulls game. Also we are interested in multichain integration for CryptoSkulls - there is already a bridge to Polygon blockchain.

It’s a great pleasure to see how our community is growing and how people use CryptoSkulls in real life - they print badges, stickers, hang pictures in their bars. CryptoSkulls is an old project that is growing in value and will continue to grow, but is still available to almost every collector. It’s time to join the party!

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