Creepy World

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January 26, 2023 – February 02, 2023



Creepy World is a Digital Collectible Storytelling, Art, and Community project-based, hosted on the Ethereum blockchain with over a year of existence. It has heavily integrated its lore throughout every day of the week since day 01 with the help of Larry, Creepy World’s originating staff. You probably heard his raspy tired voice while jumping from Twitter Spaces.

Helping to hold a strong foundation, you will encounter an extremely professional and capable Art Team of 05 Creeps, who have worked on art and animation directly for Disney, Netflix, Adidas, Facebook, Riot Games, Havaianas, Sony Music, and many more. The Creepy World’s Team is a Brazilian doxxed group of Creeps with experience in many fields.

The project itself is a harmonious and creative combination of five artistic minds resulting in a 02 Volume satire NFT Collection of Creepy World employees that are managing to survive their “sh*tty a$$ job” inside a very average – close to bankruptcy – Amusement Park called The Creepy World and owned by the so-called “The Boss”.

Community decisions are already underway within The Creepy World, as well as choosing the names of these 07 Characters. But it is through their community-voted power they will be able to continue to be a fully active, participatory, and indispensable addition to our journey. Check our Roadmap below for more detailed information like encouraging IP used at our Store, financially supporting IP use Projects, and much more.

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