CrazyApez Free 2D NFT

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September 24, 2022 – October 01, 2022



Crazymeta is creating fashion nfts for avatars in all metaverses and forging nfts into physical items. Featuring the first genesis collection using bored ape yacht club bayc#376 in a mystery box rocking the newest trending fashion which we called “crazyapez”.

The limited edition 3d crazyapez nft/physical collectible series, brought to you by the team from crazymeta, is exclusive to 2d crazyapez nft holders.

The limited edition 2d crazyapez range brought to you by the team from crazymeta! These nfts are your ticket to excitement!

Just remember, the rarer the nft, the higher the rewards you receive if you win the banana jackpot.

To identify rarity, make sure to check the frame color of your ape. See the rarity table below to check how rare your ape is. The rarity is determined by the frame color of the nfts. Gold / silver / black / white / blue & green.

Which ape will you get?!

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