Cryptozombiempire NFT

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September 24, 2022 – September 30, 2022





Crypto Zombi Empire is a collection of NFT collectables developed in 2022 that recreates a hypothetical zombie pandemic.Through handmade images that intertwine with each other, narrating a story through anonymous characters from all over the world as if it were a card game. Each NFT has relevance to the global story, whether it is a civilian character, a zombie, or an event or location.

How many NFTs will the collection consist of? Cryptozombiempire will consist of 600 NFTs that will be released weekly (only for the first year), and the rest of the collection will be released all at once later in a final event. What is the market place? They are only available at opensea. What is the Blockchain? ethereum Why is the collection minted one at a time? We are starting a community from scratch, so we will show and mint a single weekly NFT initially and release the complete collection once the community has been established. NFTs will initially be for sale one by one on purpose and announced on our official channels. Twitter Instagram Discord Each NFT is made by hand following the classic comic book creative process; pencil, ink, grayscale added and Finally, color and digital finishes. So that each NFT holder will not only own a piece of the global history of the zombie holocaust,but also a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork.

As a Cryptozombiempire NFT owner, you'll have exclusive access to "the Shelter"a discord holder exclusive area. When does a new NFT appear? every 7 days. Why join the project? Cryptozombiempire is taking off, and the affordable prices of the first NFTs will not last long as they are a gift to the first pioneers who join the collection before the NFTs reach their true price.  NFT Roadmap 30.4.2022, designing the project and creating NFT models.(Done) 19.7.2022 Showing up on Twitter and Instagram.(Done) 22,9.2022 Start marketing on social media.(Done) 22.10.2022 Create a landing page on and show the first tokens.(Done) ¿?2022. Create a Discord comunity (Ongoing) Targets 2022-2023.Grow the Discord community 2022-2023. Continue launching the increasingly successful collection.

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