Candy x Netflix Stranger Things

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July 14, 2022 – July 21, 2022


Candy Digital



On July 14th, Candy x Netflix Stranger Things will be dropping “The Upside Down Series” digital collectibles posters. It’ll feature 17 limited-edition posters of your favorite Stranger Things characters all sold via Mystery Box @ $11 each (meaning you won’t know which character poster you’ve purchased until you open the Box). 

Additionally, for all of you completionists out there, we’ll be offering 99 Hellfire Club Bundles @ $275 apiece which will include ALL 17 of our character posters. *whispers* Collecting all (or some?) of them may lead to rare rewards.

It’s a first-of-its-kind collection featuring 11,111 NFTs, with minting taking place on Candy's platform here. For more information, please join and follow Candy’s Twitter and Discord. 

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