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April 29, 2022 – May 06, 2022





The exciting new collection comes complete with hidden prizes and unlockable content, and a third of profits will be donated to animal shelter TMTRD

BunnyOshka – the NFT collection of pixel art bunnies based on Pysanka Eggs and Matryoshka nesting dolls hopping around the blockchain looking for a good home to store their secret treasure – is excited to announce that the collection will soon be dropping on Opensea.

The NFT collection will be split into separate drops called “nestings”, each containing 100 uniquely minted BunnyOshkas. With the purchase of each bunny, a holder will be able to unlock content that will help them “open” their BunnyOshka and receive a chance to win a gift. These gifts will be awarded through a raffle system, with one-third of the proceeds from going back to holders. Another third will be donated to The Man That Rescues Dogs (TMTRD), an animal shelter that houses and feeds hundreds, while building custom wheelchairs for paralyzed dogs so they can run freely again.

“With the massive explosion in interest in the NFT space, I wanted to create cute little works of art that will make people smile and also have an impact on a cause I feel so strongly about,” says Rachel Osborne, the Creator of the BunnyOshka NFT collection. “The response to the BunnyOshkas has been nothing short of incredible, and, with the first nesting set to drop on OpenSea on April 29, there’s a great opportunity for community to support TMTRD and themselves as well.”

Rachel added, “With 29 more nestings to come, there are very good odds for BunyOshka owners to become winners. You won’t want to miss out, so good luck and happy nesting!”

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