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May 04, 2022 – May 11, 2022





What is PotheadsNFT?   7777 Generative Potheads PotheadsNFT is a concept we have developed to overflow from the borders of the ERC-721 token standard into a more tangible embodiment of what an NFT can be.   We are building on the founding strengths that the NFT space has developed over the last two years.   Experience tells us these are grounded in meaningful community participation, genuine artwork & partnerships and a mechanism for holders to enact their rights over the social and financial capital that the community builds.   The OG collection is extremely exclusive and gives holders the benefit of receiving 2 Free Mints from the main collection when launched. Holders are also able to access exclusive merch, and exclusive alpha discord channels.   The price for the Potheads OG collection will be 0.095 Eth  

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