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November 27, 2022 – December 04, 2022





Blutobs is a NFT collection of 100 NFTs. This collection has many utilities. These NFTs are generated by layers and these are created by a kid in just a low end phone in 2k resolution.

This collection is created to prove what a phone can do and a phone is not just for using social media.


Airdrop - You will get an airdrop of 1 NFT from our another collection in your wallet for every nft you buy.

Giveaway - 20% of our earnings will be donated as crypto to the buyers and the announcements of the winners will be on our Twitter account.

Shout Out - You will get a shoutout on our Twitter account.

Something Different - We will recreate 5% of our buyer's Twitter Profile Picture (PFP) for free and will send it to you.


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