Captain Tsubasa Avatar Collection on The Sandbox

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September 12, 2023 – September 14, 2023



One of the most renowned football manga, Captain Tsubasa, teamed up with The Sandbox to release a series of avatars, "Tsubasa Team Collection." There are 2060 avatars in the collection featuring Tsubasa's middle school team "Nankatsu", Hyuga's middle school team "Toho" from the original series, and exclusive goalkeeper avatars. 

All avatars from the 'Tsubasa Team Avatar Collection' come in various rarity tiers, based on their unique traits and looks: 

  • Fans, 50%
  • Super-Sub, 30%
  • Starting Eleven, 15%
  • Captain, 5%

Aside from the rarity tiers, the collection features a set of hand-crafted 1/1 Avatars. 

Each Captain Tsubasa digitized personality is distinctive due to its ability to express various Tsubasa-styled animations, including running and dribbling animation, volley shot animation, and running and dribbling animation. 

Grabbing a character, you unveil a bunch of exciting football-themed experiences with a line of various wearables available for your avatar. All holders will get access to the battle-type game experiences that will be developed in the upcoming "Captain Tsubasa LAND" as well as to the games that will be developed on The Sandbox Metaverse. 

The allowlist mint starts on September 12th, followed by a public mint scheduled for September 13th. You will be automatically allowlisted, if you hold one or more NFTs from an official Sandbox series or LAND. 

A special immersive event, themed around a soccer match, is planned for September 27th. All willing will be involved in completing various quests while meeting characters from the manga. This experience will be available for free at The Sandbox.

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