O'Neill's Sean Connery on the Moon NFT by Metacurio x Iconic Images

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March 04, 2022 – March 11, 2022






Metacurio, one of the leading NFT creative agencies, has joined efforts with the internationally renowned photo house Iconic Images to create a non-fungible collector’s edition. The NFT collection will include an iconic photo of Sean Connery as James Bond golfing on the moon, as well as one of many color variations and edits from a photo master Terry O’Neill who is an indispensable part of Iconic Images. The color scheme was not taken from anywhere but was composed of NASA’s own template to identify colors that might exist in space.

The NFTs performed in a miraculous shade template will indicate the ownership of a physical rare photo that will never be sold in print. The phygital (both physical & digital) drop will also allow holders to vote on upcoming releases from Iconic Images NFT, become part of a strong community, benefit from early access to archival photo art, and more.

O’Neill developed the concept for this photograph while working on the set of Bondiana's series dubbed Diamonds are Forever. During the historic moonwalk, astronaut Alan Shepard famously took a 6-Iron and two golf balls to Mars. The image of astronaut Shepard golfing on the moon inspired O’Neill to recreate the photograph with Connery against the background of moonscapes.

Pictures of Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill, Brigitte Bardot, Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Eric Clapton, The Beatles, of course, Sean Connery, and many other stars of cinema, music, politics, royalty, and showbiz of the 20th century, are stored in archives of Iconic Images.

Take time to participate in the never-before-seen auction of Sean Connery on the Moon NFTs starting from March 4th on OpenSea.

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