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Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol is a legend of the POP art style, writer, photographer, and film producer. His unconventional approach to art led him to create iconic pieces, mainly inspired by consumer culture and mass media. Andy Warhol’s creations were both playful and profound, simple and challenging with an intention to convey the tendencies of his era. 

Leaving this world in the late 1980s, Andy Warho’s rich art legacy continues to inspire modern generations and finds fans across diverse communities. In 2021, the Warhol Foundation, an organization that supports emerging visual artists, started collaborating with the blockchain platform, Artory, to mint and sell NFTs of Warhol's masterpieces. Five of the artworks from the artist’s 1985 collection, Andy Warhol: Machine Made, were minted as NFTs and sold big on the auction. 

Andy Warhol’s creations continue to be highly sought after both in the digital realm and IRL, proving that his influence in the art world is eternal.

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