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Alex Pardee

Alex Pardee is an American creative artist who works in apparel design, comic creation writing, and illustration. His fan base respects him for his contribution in illustrating the Used Band’s album cover. He was born in 1976 in Antioch, California, and has worked for renowned brands and musical icons in America. Notable projects that feature his creative spark include Hurley International, Twenty Twenty Skateboards, Street Drum Corps, Aiden, and Kid Robot. In his creative process, he uses pens, ink, watercolours, and dye. Some of his experimental works also include acrylics, oils, and latex. On the side, he runs a blog that seeks to demystify mental health issues such as emotional struggles and anxiety. Alex’s work is featured in music videos like All That I’ve Got, LiveLavaLive by Mitchell Davis, and part of the WWE Theme Songs.

This artist’s entry into NFTs came in a 2021 collaboration titled “Alex in Shunderland,.” He featured contemporary art space, Spoke Art. The drop launched on MakersPlace and was described as depicting a fictional place where the artist’s mind would escape when he faced mental health issues as a child.

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