YouTuber Exchanges His Tesla Roadstar for NFT

YouTube sensation Dan Markham has recently sold off one of his pieces under the banner Tesla Roadster for one NFT. 

The journey started on September 15 when one of Markhams videos broke the scene on his official channel What's Inside Family. It was at that point that he managed to auction Tesla Roadster. 

According to Markham, the piece costs a quarter million ($250000). It was exchanged for a porcupine NFT token which was highly valued. 

Looking at the porcupine token, it bears its origin from VeeFriends project designers. Eli Burton is the current owner of the project. Burton has a lot of reputation when it comes to NFT projects. He was also part and parcel of The Adventures Of Starman which was a great novel during the time of this launch showing how his digital art started. 

Markham thinks that this is a great decision that will set the pace for the next two to three years. For someone who believes in NFTs, it's quite easy that such cars will gain a lot of value. Luckily NFT members had to receive a detail of what the Tesla Roadster is all about. 

According to him, it is a portrait of a car. According to Burton, the plan was to sell digital art which was certainly valued at $100000. Selling off the NFT for the car was a basic trade basing on demand and supply because at the moment 10,000 tokens are on offer. 

Each and every token from that 10,000 tallies is valued at $60,000 per NFT. NFT members are in for a great journey because VeeFriends promises another 40 porcupines which will be laid on various backgrounds. 

Burton and Markham exchanged their collectibles on blockchain. For more guarantee, these two collectors had to swap face to face, that is handling of Tesla keys and important paper works. For more detail on the NFT, check out OpenSea. 

Surprisingly, OpenSea bidding stands at 16.339 Wrapped Ethereum which currently stands at $54.445. Though current stats are like this, Markham looks to keep his NFT for now so as to assess where the market forces are heading. It is a good strategy considering the upcoming conference for VeeFriends which will see a lot of pieces gaining value. 

Of late, the majority of crypto-based NFT members have been attempting a link between digital NFTs with products from the physical world. It's a good thing really because there is so much guarantee. 
Physical engagements include Apple's July auction for a job application. It sold out resoundingly, $343.000 to be exact. The final bid however was 12 Ethereum which stood at around $27.460. 

NFT is proving to be the way to go because physical engagements are being elevated. It's now very possible to gain a better advantage. Tesla Roadster is one good example that profitability is highly guaranteed. Markham's auctions have set the pace for what is to come. Thanks to the flexibility and decentralized system of NFT, members are able to do the same.