Alice Lynx Alice Lynx 10.09.2021

Yahoo is selling sponsors on NFTs, starting with Rebecca Minkoff

NFT (Non-fungible tokens) engages within a ‘bid to create and expand’ branding. Yahoo will become a huge brand partner with NFT, a move that will attract other publishers in the same vicinity as Yahoo.

There is so much activity going on including the return of the enormous New York fashion week. Yahoo is one of the biggest partners of the event and its target engagement is Rebecca Minkoff.

She is a designer who shall present 15 pieces of both clothes and accessories from her current collection. All of the 15 pieces are NFT art pieces. On top of the 15 tallies, NFT will display 10 photos portraying models in explicit suits and garments.

It becomes more exciting as the outfits and model designing will be presented in 3D formats, digital garment designing which can be used in the future as symbols in an array of metaverses.

Thanks to Joanna Lambert, Yahoo director of consumer who confirmed the engagement with NFT. Lambert clearly outlined that all of these collections are still under the collector's items banner. The step is quite unique considering what other publishers have done.

Publishers like Time or Bleacher Report have experimented while coming up with minute customer base returns from a stream of successful sales on NFT.

Important details

Looking at Yahoo, it is their initial NFT venture. Their scenario is quite different from other publishers because they have managed to accomplish what other publishers have been failing to do in their initial stages, that is obtaining advertisers with NFT on the center of things.

In Rebecca Minkoff's case, it is also the first of its kind meaning that NFT has never snapped a publisher with a designer's NFT media buy. In other words, it is that groundbreaking step in what shall become a prospect NFT partnership. However, T's and C's of the engagement have not been disclosed for public view.

Obviously, Yahoo had to comment on such an exciting venture and Director of Content at Yahoo Ryot Lab Nigel Tierney confirmed that this venture will expand because they are actually building virtual blocks to expand the gallery.

Such works include NFT collection in-house expansion, better digital advertising, creation of more augmented branding content, and fastening immersive XR site. The launch meant to come up with all these is to put in motion new features never seen before.

To create more depth, Yahoo officially engaged with OpenSea to get a better grip of what it offers. Gallery presentation is in the 3D format while virtual store can be zoomed and navigated without any hassle. Accessibility is top-notch through mobile devices. Minkoff's product range is quite unique, the way fashion labels have been packaged in such technologies will market and brand more and more. More revenue is expected in the initial quarters looking at a 1 ETH ($350) price tag for each item. Obviously there is a first come first serve basis for 10 of the product line, a move that will jump-start huge margin flow.