Chris Chris 05.05.2022

Our Collection of Moms ( and Dads ) Reflect the Quirky Personalities of the People that have Guided Us Through Life β€” Creator's Interview

Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 

Matt: Hi there! We are CoFounders who are also the lead creators.

Phu Ngo (Lead Dev) has had a successful career in software product development and Matt Shih (Lead Creative) is a Yale Grad, lifelong artist-designer and creative director.

Chris: Wall St Moms tokens are about to release on the metaverse on Mother’s Day. What were your initial inspirations that drew you to develop these tokens?

Phu: We created our collection of Moms ( and Dads ) to reflect the quirky personalities of the people that have guided us through life. You'll notice our trademark concept of outstretched arms balancing different elements, which represent all the different ways we as busy people in this world juggle multiple facets of our lives.

This balance also represents the key offerings of our project, helping to onboard them into Web3 by creating incredibly unique art they can relate to, a community of like-minded individuals, a growing library of original content and resources, and proprietary tools to help guide their crypto journey.

Chris: Further, what are the key traits and characteristics of the NFTs? How is each one of the tokens, different from the others?

Matt: We wanted to create a range of NFTs so unique that they could truly reflect the diversity of every mom and dad as best we could capture it. The stats alone are impressive with over 2000+ hand drawn art elements, which creates an insane amount of variety in depth. 

In terms of creating each individual NFT, we had to create our art compositing engine, Imagen, from scratch to coordinate the logic of independent hand grips for different objects on both sides, coordinating hair and skin color, objects and accessories which exist across multiple layers. Why do elements exist on multiple layers? Hair interlocks with the body and facial elements. Hands, gloves, and nails coordinate and grasp around the elements, accessories like hats and bags surround the figure as well.

Check out the example below and see if you can spot all the ways elements are interlocked:*LlPtjbTxNjZhpRBj4rkFOw.gif

We did a write up of everything that goes into the custom compositing of each Wall St Fam NFT here:

In terms of variety of elements, there's so many that the typical frequency of even the most common elements are in the low single digits. So if everything’s rare, how do you get rarity?  

That's why we created Vibes, which are coordinated combinations of elements that are part of themes. Now we don’t need to artificially limit the variety of elements, just so that people can figure out what’s more valuable. The more elements in that theme that are present, the higher the rank. Some NFTs have more than one vibe. And in the Wall St Mom collection we have over 100+ Vibe themes, some with over several dozen possible elements that will constitute a vibe.

Here's an example, if you have 2 or more of any the sports-themed elements, outfits, face paint and more, the NFT qualifies for the “Athlete” Vibe.*KSwEbgVVM1N5RqJgfh0dKg.jpeg

This adds a layer of depth and complexity to the collection and allows us to have tons of variety across the board, yet still have a way to determine relative value. This is rarity beyond simple 1/1 mechanics.

But to pull this off, we had to create our own rarity engine out of necessity. We also realized that we weren't the only project that had needs beyond simple frequency statistics, so our inhouse rarity engine has since blossomed into its own product, VibeRater.

We go into more depth in this article here:

Chris: Even more, what will be the price of each token? How much of the cost would account for gas?

Phu: 0.09 For VIPs, 0.09 for Waitlist, 0.12 for Public. 

Gas optimization is a big point of differentiation as well. Our dev team is an authority on the subject and has created the defacto reference on how to optimize gas, open-sourced the code, and has been recognized by the biggest developers in the field. Our contract will be extremely streamlined.

Learn more about how we optimize gas here:  

Chris: Chiefly, what will be the benefits of becoming a member of Wall St Mom NFT?

Phu: If you're on the VIP list: 

  1. A free-to-Mint Wall St Dad Rocket-Ed. NFT. For each Wall St Mom that’s minted.
  2. First dibs on VibeRater access. Our revolutionary NFT assessment engine launching soon.
  3. Early-Bird Pricing. The most discounted it will ever be.
  4. Priority Boarding. Guaranteed minting spot & head start.
  5. Low Gas Fees. Heavily gas optimized smart contracts & no gas wars.

When you're a holder, you'll receive:

  1. Exclusive access to all of VR 2.0's Advanced and Pro-level Features
  2. Exclusive access to Premium Buy/Sell/Mint/Wallet/Smart Contract Alerts for earliest alpha on hot project market movements
  3. Exclusive access to educational presentations and AMAs from Industry-respected partners
  4. Exclusive perks for holding a Wall St Mom AND Wall St Dad pair.
  5. Exclusive Tendies ERC-20 Token Staking accruing from when it's first held by current owner
  6. Exclusive prizes, benefits, and privileges available only through Tendies
  7. Exclusive access to the DAO

Chris: There is also another series of Wall St Dad NFT coming soon. What will be the release date for the tokens? How will the holders of the Wall St Mom NFT be able to mint those tokens?

Matt: Correct, if you're on the VIP list, you'll receive a free-to-Mint Wall St Dad Rocket-Ed. NFT for each Wall St Mom that’s minted. We'll be opening up the free-to-mint several weeks after the launch on our site where holders can go mint, as long as the WSM-Classic is in their wallet during that time. You can join our social (Twitter and Discord ) so as not to miss new updates.

Chris: Likewise, what is the roadmap for the next two quarters? What are the key milestones you hope to achieve by the end of this year?

Phu: We are in live development on our VibeRater 2.0 upgrade, with premium features that are exclusive to holders. 

Version 2.0 of our tool will introduce a completely new way to visually display valuation vs. rank for each and every NFT in a collection, all in one view. 

Viewers will be able to:

  • Know at a glance what is over / underpriced, and its deviation from expected
  • Compare the value of the NFTs they own against all the other NFTs in the same collection.
  • Assess the rank of their NFT and quantitatively know with a confidence score what the sell price should be. Data-based decisions supported with statistics.
  • Export pro-level data, notifications, and much more

Check out for more in-depth information, and videos of this groundbreaking tool. 

On another parallel track, we're going to be introducing something amazing for people who stake their mom and dad together, but you'll have to wait until after launch to find out more. 

Chris: In the end, please introduce your team. How does each member contribute to the development of the Wall St Mom NFTs?

Matt: Phu and I, cofounders of Wall St Fam, are also the creators of the NFT collections.

We are rooted in extremely strong tech to develop ground-breaking utility. We have 4 full-time and 2 part-time devs with over 100 years of combined experience in product development, software engineering, analytics, and data science, and we actively assist other blockchain projects with engineering challenges.

We also have creative support, writers, marketers, and an incredible community team. 

Together, we’re not only creating the NFT collection, but the entire ecosystem around it, as well as true utility in the form of exclusive tech that will revolutionize the way we assess NFT collections.