Nick Nick 14.03.2022

We Reserve 200 100% Hand Drawn NFTs — Founder's Interview

Greetings, NFT enthusiasts! My guest today is Stefano Camillo, the Founder and chief Architect of the project. 

Stefano is born in the US and learnt to play poker from his grandfather at a very young age. He grew up in various different countries around the world. After obtaining his Master degree in Applied Science from the University of Cambridge, he first started his career as quant trader in an investment bank and has worked with renowned companies in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore. But poker has always been Stefano’s love and passion– he has been a frequent feature at WSOP and EPT, playing high-stake tournaments and cash games and has made a name for himself. Stefano funded the seed capital of this project, and has teamed up with some good friends from programming and crypto investment to realise the project. The development of the game dates back almost a year, but NFT integration is a new feature the team decided to add at the end of 2021.

Chris: VIP Card Room Giveaway NFT is an online poker game that uses the NFT in the Metaverse to make the game fun. How does it do that? 

Stefano: The goal of VIP Card Room is to build a fun platform for the poker lovers to get together and play, using NFT as an essential tool. The 10,000 unique NFTs will represent the players themselves, as they are free to choose the NFT that they can best relate to, whether it is a hero or a villain. Our NFT will also be the admission to the game, meaning you have to have a NFT to play, creating a privileged platform exclusive to our NFT holders. All NFT holders will automatically become shareholders of the project, who are entitled to share in the game platform’s future profits. As we are only issuing 10,000 NFTs, the limited supply will ensure this is a tight knitted community which players will cherish their identity and make contribution to. We are not interested in running a commercial card room, and we strongly believe in “bonding and sharing”. The long-term vision is to build a platform for all players to communicate and create a team spirit, hopefully for them to later go conquer off-line events like WSOP together and share the glory!

Chris: Furthermore, there are 10000 NFTs that will allow users to play poker on Web 3.0. How will the tokens interact and help the investor is playing the game?

Stefano: Please see my answers to the question above. We also want to point out that we utilise the ERC-721 standard to develop some sophisticated in-game features to create a more comprehensive poker game that makes us stand out from our rivalries. We will unveil these new in game features at a later stage, so that’s something to look forward to! We also want to highlight that because this poker game is heavily powered by play-to-earn model, we will reserve a large portion of tokens for the P2E pool. All NFT holders are allowed to play certain number of free games to win tokens. Token distribution plan will be released in May or June, 2022. The token works in a similar way as SLP in Axie Infinity where you can easily convert the token you win into BTC or ETH through third-party exchanges.

Chris: Similarly, what are the different features of the token that make each one unique? What are the rare features?

Stefano: Our NFT has more than 15 different traits categories, from background to basic image, including hair, glasses, clothes, accessories, etc. Individual trait has its own rarity tributes. One special trait we design that highly identifies the spirit of “poker game” is the two cards the character is holding in many combinations. The NFT rarity rank will be disclosed once it is listed on Opensea. Additionally, we reserve 200 100% hand drawn NFTs for our brand ambassadors and celebrities. These tailor-made pieces are only to be distributed among some of the top poker players around the world. So if you see one of these NFTs in the game, you know he is someone special.

Chris: Do you have a rarity chart/reference to help the investors understand to pick the uncommon tokens if they like?

Stefano: Not really. We don’t try to advocate one NFT is better or more expensive than another just because it is rare. We’d rather let our members to choose the one that they truly love and can best represent themselves in the game. We don’t encourage people flipping NFT in short term to make a quick buck. In fact, we would like people to stay with us and share the growth of the community and make long-term gains.

Chris: VIP Card Room Giveaway NFT is a giveaway NFT. What are your giveaways? How can one subscribe to participate in these giveaways?

Stefano: We have already hosted two rounds of giveaways, one on twitter, and one on discord. So far we have given out 15 NFTs, and we hope to gain initial exposure and reach out to the right audience through these campaigns. They giveaways have proven to be successful as we have seen a growing number in our discord and twitter communities. We currently have 16k followers on discord and 13k on Twitter since we started in February 2022. We are going to give away more NFTs, in a range of 30-50 before it formally launches. All you need to do is follow our twitter and do some simple tasks to enter.

Chris: More importantly, what are your official channels of communication and links to social interaction portals? The investors would be interested in knowing what is latest at VIP Card Room Giveaway NFT?

Stefano: Our main channels of communications are our official website, our official twitter and our discord