Unifred Unifred 24.03.2023

Unstoppable Domains and Polygon to Launch Web3 Messaging Service

Unstoppable Domains, a web3 platform that issues blockchain-based domain names, has announced its plans to launch a messaging service called Unstoppable Messaging. Created in collaboration with Polygon Labs, a new product is expected to be released at the end of 2023.

Unstoppable Messaging will serve as a domain-to-domain messaging platform where domain owners can send encrypted messages to one another. The service will be accessible to users who own an Unstoppable domain such as .polygon, .crypto, .nft, .x, etc.

The product will enable the teams behind decentralized platforms to communicate seamlessly with their community members. It will also ease communication between team leads and specific subgroups within the ecosystem. 

Sandy Carter, the Chief Operating Officer for Unstoppable Domains, reiterated the significance of the messaging service to DeFi communities when she said:

“With messaging, your favorite apps, games and metaverses can build more cohesive and vibrant communities that are equipped to thrive in the decentralized world. We’re thrilled to get working on Unstoppable Messaging and to help our partners connect with their communities.”

Messaging participants can decide who can send messages to them as well as enlist users eligible for messaging. The platform will also be designed with a strong focus on privacy and security, ensuring safe  web3 native communication experience. The service will come with robust privacy features that are crucial in enabling sensitive discussions, providing users and project teams with the confidence to communicate freely without the risk of compromise.

Unstoppable Domains has been stepping up its game lately by unveiling new products and services to expand web3 adoption among retail and institutional investors. Last week, the company partnered with Polygon Labs to roll out the .polygon domain name. The firm also joined forces with the web browser Opera to promote web3 domain name adoption.

Launching Unstoppable Messaging will be a significant step towards helping users carry their digital identities as they explore the web3 realm. The future of web3 is undoubtedly bright, and the efforts from both Unstoppable Domains and Polygon are a clear indication of the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.