Tom Sachs and Nike Give NikeCraft Trainers to Fully-Assembled NFT Rocket Holders Free of Charge

You must have already known Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory by numerous collaborations with top world brands. Recent Tom Sachs & Tiffany, Chanel, and other top-tier partnerships brought the skyrocketing designer and his team to the top of the rankings.

The recent team-up is no-less grandiose, as the NY-based artist has developed a series of phygital sneakers dubbed NikeCraft trainers in collaboration with Nike. While the utility is the core value, which draws more people to NFTs daily, this Nike-branded cartoon Rocket will come accompanied by a physical pair of NikeCraft trainers. It's noteworthy that the contemporary designer has taken up the development of both rockets and sneakers.

Thus, Nike will be issuing free trainers to all of those who hold a totally-assembled NFT Rocket, which contains a NikeCraft branded component. Dropping by OpenSea, one can see only 37 of these assets in total, which suggests only 37 physical pairs of NikeCraft trainers to be received by holders free of charge.

On June 10th, holders of the NFTs, who are also dubbed members of the so-called NikeCraft Crew, are given only 24 hours to redeem their free pair, which they can do by linking their wallet on the Rocket Factory website, specifying their size and shipping details.

However, you shouldn't get upset for not holding the ready-to-launch-NikeCraft rocket to get your dream pair of shoes, as you can buy them. Go to the NikeCraft website on June 10th, and be quick, as this is an extremely limited-edition series with a retail price of $109.99.