Time Magazine Unveiled the Story of Its Metaverse-Related Issue Creation

The renowned Time Magazine is continuing its web3 expansion. It already boasts multiple NFT endeavors, including its non-fungible March magazine and the wave-making issue, featuring Vitalik Buterin, just to name a few. However, the media giant never stops exploring the web3 horizons, rolling out the new August issue, featuring the metaverse-themed cover.

A couple of days ago, Time Magazine revealed the story in the core of its 'Behind The Metaverse’ issue creation via the blog post. Thus, the magazine’s August issue cover, starring the iconic NFT character Aku, was developed by Aku's creator, former MLB player Micah Johnson. The artist himself calls his renowned character "the world’s initial digital explorer." A hit helmeted guy brought his creator about $20 million of sale proceeds, as well as provided the former baseballer with a pass to the NFT Olympus. Thus, being one of the most iconic characters in the web3 and the metaverse, Aku was brought into real life becoming Time’s cover boy.

The Time Magazine's 'Behind the Metaverse' issue, or rather the cover story by Mattew Ball speaks about the Metaverse is going to "change people’s lives and that this change should be strived for the better."

Ball also writes about multiple attempts toward virtual reality in today’s world, but, according to him, "it is not clear what the concept of Metaverse will be in terms of society." The Time journalist is sure that the metaverse is a combination of intertwined immersive digital experiences, which will penetrate almost all places, influencing people, businesses, and all spheres of modern life in the shortest possible time.

The metaverse is a crypto wallet that allows you to have a persistent identity across both physical and digital experiences,” Aku creator Micah Johnson said, adding, “The greatest potential is for people whose access to knowledge or experiences is limited due to their physical environments or circumstances. It gives them realistic access to a limitless world.”

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