Chris Chris 12.05.2022

It can be Used as a Pocket Advisor Because Each Hexagram has a Specific Unique Meaning — Founder's Interview

Chris: Hi! Can you tell us more about yourself and the role you're playing in that blooming project?

Miss Volatility: Here on behalf of IamFuture team today is Miss Volatility. I am just a girl who loves innovation and it is me who is currently in charge for our projects development and our team achievements. I was born in Ukraine, but now due to the current instability, I had to leave my country and to drive as far West as I could. I am in love with decentralized finance, with gamefi, with digital art. I paint myself since childhood and also I rollerskate and work for the common good at the IamFuture. Our project is totally indie, we don't have a big investor onboard, and we manage to realize our ideas, both funny and serious.

Chris: The Book of Change is releasing 64 ancient hexagrams. What do the hexagrams represent? Does that mean that the collection is limited to just 64 units?

Miss Volatility: The Book of Change is the collection of 3000 traditional Taoism wisdom. There are rumors that it was created by Confucius himself, to instruct the emperor how to run the state. It is actually not a book for reading, its a kind of oracle book to foresee the future and to create a good plan. So for us it was crucial to take this project to work. 64 hexagrams represent the logical and rational set of possible answers for all strategic life questions. So you can formulate the question in your mind and randomly open the book and find out the hexagram, 1 of 64, as an advice for your next step / behavior strategy / decision. 

What we did, we drew the full set of hexagrams and animated them with the element of randomness, so every time you play the file, it stops on the different hexagram. So the art can be used as a real digital oracle, and honestly i have never seen that anyone else ever did something like this!

What we also did, we created in total 4 sets of 64 hexagrams - for each ruling element (Earth, Air, Water, Fire), so people ruled by different elements could pick the one with the more pleasant ambiance. Also it is nice as a gift! Each element is limited to 100 pieces ONLY. 

Chris: More importantly, what is the array of services being developed by the Book of Change NFT collection?

Miss Volatility: As i mentioned, behind the historical value of our collection, its special innovative element (random animation), connection to the spiritual element of human, also it can be used as a pocket advisor, because each hexagram in the collection carries specific unique meaning. I am aware that our Chinese partners actively use I Ching The Book of Change in business.

Chris: What live events do you support? How do the investors gain access to these events and facilities?

Miss Volatility: You know, our team is small, and recently we have been extremely busy developing our projects. We are developing the P2E lifestyle / adventure game "Metarollers" in honor of diversity, peace, equality and creativity worldwide. We deployed our own token "FUTURE" recently. We are busy with some crypto trading forecasting solution and also engaged in the big project: supply chain transparency validation. We do all this independently so just few weeks ago we started raising our heads. :) 

And you know, we found out that people are finding us and joining our Discord community, IamFuture and twitter, a lot. So now we started organizing more public events, with the NFT giveaways. Our NFT with rollergirls will be needed to get access to the governance token, so we build little ecosystem now :) 

Also what we do, we want the public to participate in the game development, to vote for the visuals, to approve the look of artefacts, landscapes. For example recently we had the voting in which cities the gameplay will take place. And Miami won over New York, since the community decided that New York is gloomy. So yes, we do a lot, and all this is possible only with the help of our fantastic Community Managers, @Xan and @Mighty and our knowledgeable and hardworking @Dillrubar. 

Yes, its a lot on our plate and a lot is going on. The rocket ship is launching. 

Chris: So, how will the NFTs be priced? What will be the cost of minting one Book of Change NFT?

Miss Volatility: The collection is very limited and the concept is unique. We faced a lot of interest from Asia recently. The estimated price is 0.5 ETH. All the funds expected from the sale are meant to finance our Transparency Validation project and to help people from the warzones of Ukraine, who have dramatically lost their homes and assets.  

Chris: Similarly, how will each token be different from the others in the sequence? What are the unique features?

Miss Volatility: The uniqueness is the key part of our project, since it is constantly changing. And the Change is unique. And the Change is Beautiful. Everchanging sequence of hexagrams, enlighted by the different elements symbolic, moving gracefully, always different and a little bit mysterious - this is our uniqueness. I think we created a good example how historical heritage benefits from the technology. 


Chris: There are a plethora of services being planned by the team Book of Change NFT? Please introduce your team and their contributions.

Miss Volatility: Our team is outstanding. IamFuture: first of all, we are super diverse, we are global, young, ambitious and also we have high hopes. Today we are busy with: Blockchain-based game development with own advanced ecosystem, which allows to make gaming your profession and way of living, digital art creation, we have more than 5 collections, some serious, some funny, some frivolous, and very serious Fintech projects, which quite possibly will shape the future already in 2022! Also we manage Discord community. Yes, we work a lot, and we enjoy innovation and creativity!

Chris: We want to be informed of the latest affairs at the Book of Change. What are your official channels of communication?

Miss Volatility: We are always active and happy to deliver the last news and to discuss!

We have our official presentation:


Discord Server IamFuture:

Twitter devoted solely to the collection I Ching:

Twitter of our Metarollers game:

Chris: In the end, what are the plans for the future of the Book of Change NFT? What does the roadmap look like?

Miss Volatility: This project, The Book of Change, is very limited. It is like antique porcelaine. We consider its complete and we will not add-on anything. This collection is just wonderful how it is. 

But we create new NFTs a lot, for example, now i am drawing The Hundred Bucks Guy - Benji Franklin, and he is browsing Metaverse with the Iphone. Its gonna be hilarious!