Chris Chris 12.05.2022

All NFT Owners will Receive an Airdrop of Vaca Tokens — Founder's Interview

Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 

Fred: Hello! I am Fred, co-founder and CMO of Vaca Ninja. I've been a developer for 22 years. Currently I'm working as IT Project Management consultant.

I'm a Cardano/NFT enthusiast and I'm very excited about the our project, its innovative power and uniqueness.

Chris: Vaca Ninjas are the most bovine CNFTs. What is your central theme behind the creation of the Vaca Ninjas?

Fred: Vaca (Cow in Portuguese and Spanish) plus Ninja is an unusual combination because cows are hardly known by their weightlessness, agility and killer instinct; or basically anything we attribute to ninjas. That means they have to put in double the effort to master their craft.

There are usually no rewards for mastering most games. As a cow, we want to retribute all the time and effort players that have put on our platform.

Chris: Additionally, the Ninja’s back a Play-to-earn game. How is the game played? How do the Vaca Ninjas interact with each other in the game?

Fred: The game is divided in two parts: The first one, named Stage Builder, is inspired by the Super Mario Maker, which offers players an engine to use their imagination to create astonishing experiences in game.

The other part is the Infinity Worlds, a 2D platform game, revisiting classics like Ninja Gaiden and Shinobi. Both players and stage builders will be rewarded for the time invested on the game.

Chris: We also read that Vaca Ninjas are supported by the Vaca tokens. Please tell us more about your Vaca cryptocurrency.

Fred: The Vaca token is the core of our environment. Those tokens will be used to build and play stages, receive the rewards, buy boosters to improve the game experience and also platform governance. 

All NFT owners will receive an airdrop of Vaca Tokens, that represents 10% of total supply.

Chris: Moreover, how do the players pick their weapons? What else can the Ninjas do?

Fred: The weapons are related to the NFT that they hold from the initial mint, secondary marketplace, or the boosters. The latest will be available in the coming months.

To ensure an unique experience for the player, we have a total of 8 different weapons, 6 different Cows and 5 power sources.

Each combination is defined by the NFT; for example, if the player owns a cow with a red belt and a Katana, that means they will play the stage using a fire Katana. We also have the Kimono, that represent special powers. Finally, each Cow has different characteristics in the game.

More combinations of weapons, kimonos and belts the player has, the more options to play the stage they will have.

Chris: Also, what are the benefits of owning the Vaca Ninja? Are some Ninjas more powerful than the others? If so, how does the investor look for the powerful ones?

Fred: This first collection, Vaca Ninja: Concept Arts, will have an unlimited use in game. The Vacas minted on a booster will have a short range of use. 

The power of each ninja is relative for the challenges faced on each stage created. Cows can perform very well on a stage while others won’t . We also have plans to let the players create a team of cows to play a stage and even rent a cow to other players. The possibilities are endless!

For the player that means that  the more NFTs with different characteristics they have, the more successful they can be in different situations.

If we use an investor point of view: The more a specific combination is used on a stage, the more it will be requested on the secondary market.

A little hint to investors that want to mint this first collection: Think about classic kung-fu movies!

Chris: Talking about features, what are the key differentiating factors for the Vaca Ninjas? How is each Ninja unique?

Fred: The NFT collection will present the game concept art.

That includes the avatar with the weapon, scenarios and items, represented by 10 traits: Background, Background Mode, Cow, Weapon, Weapon Grade, Kimono, Belt, Horn, Head Item and Extras.

The combination of Kimono and Belt is also used on the NFT attributes, as an adjective, but is just an easy way to define a cow and give it its charm. 

Chris: More importantly, what will be the price of one Vaca Ninja token? How much of the cost would account for gas?

Fred: If you mean the mint price, it will be 50 ADA for whitelist participants and 60 ADA for regular mint. The $VACA token will be issued in the future and its price will be defined by market.

As we are using Cardano blockchain, the gas cost is negligible because it costs 0.17 ADA to mint a Vaca Ninja NFT.

Chris: In the end, please share more about the roadmap of the Vaca ninja NFTs. What is next for the holders of the Vaca Ninjas?

Fred: Our roadmap until the end of year is to have the Vaca token distributed to all NFT holders and have an alpha version of the Stage Builder and the Infinity Worlds, letting builders and players make first contact with the platform and starting to be rewarded. Also, don't forget to join our Discord and Twitter. It is the best way to stay informed on news and announcements.