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Teen Artists Are Making Millions on NFTs. How Are They Doing It?

NFT has proven to be the hub of activity, not just simple activity but lucrative activity. Recently Jaiden Stipp saw a bid display in March while he was watching a Star Wars movie. The initial display was just bits and pieces of Ethereum coin which was valued at $300.

In a whisker, there were more and more bids appearing on the screen. They looked so sizzling and Stipp went on to put his artwork on sale. It was a cartoon or animation-like piece which showed a digital astronaut emblem.

Stipp hit the jackpot and in no time he claimed a total of 20 ETH. During that time 20 ETH was valued at $30,000, a big figure for a boy who was about to go to high school. Now, this might be exciting and lucrative for young Stipp but his same product was placed on the market a week later and clinched a double price ($60,000).

Yes, it seems fabricated and unreal but we are talking of real money, in thousands! Stipp was not entirely new to the designing world. Research indicates that he had been a long time designing logos and many social applications, selling them for anything between $20 and $70.

Now, he shifted focus to NFT through his fine astronaut cartoon. It was fascinating how it blazed the market in just a single night. Stipp has never slowed down, since the amazing launch he went on to sell other four pieces, got lots of money, and managed to assist his parents to lead a standard life. The amount was so much and he was left with another huge amount to invest in his works. Stipp bypassed traditional art and enjoyed more of the NFT digital spectrum.

Crypto art is the ideal way to go now looking at the host of buyers who are willing to invest and buy big. NFT has been greatly experiencing high volatility since its entrance onto the market. It has managed to change into a powerhouse in the crypto mainstream marketplace. In fact, in just a short space of time, it has become the most-preferred way to invest, as well as sell digital art.

You talk of the early bubble which envisaged Beeple, managing a $69 million sell-out. The remaining bit is digital art which is obviously native is selling and flourishing. There are other prominent marketplaces that have been dominating like OpenSea.

OpenSea has accumulated 26,000 users or clients claiming a huge $3 billion figure. This tally was tenfold by the end of August. However, the idea of grabbing an ordeal amount of gain on NFT has not yet set enough foot in many young artists in the Wild West.

Noah Davis, an avid knowledgeable digital sales top brass at Christie's (one of the biggest auction sites) believes in all angles that NFT is a big enough community to embrace your art pieces, you receive much recognition as the name behind the product and at the same time you receive lucrative deals when your piece is very explicit.

Now is a moment when young potential and unseen artists get a chance to thrive at large. More interesting is the availability of a premium for artists and participants who feel like they are part of the community. Davis commends the presence of buyers who respect NFT ordeals and market guides.

He commemorates the great mindset displayed by buyers who are embracing the future of digital interaction. "Now is the future," he said in his own words.

Jaiden Stipp's work attracted a whole lot of buyers and potential investors. The first buyer was Victor Langlois. Langlois is a reputable digital artist who is also in his teens. He goes by the pseudo name FEWOCiOUS and fell in love with Stipp's piece. In his respective journey so far, Langlois has managed to receive a lot of rewards and accolades, a well-deserved stance looking at his perfect and unique colorful art.

So far, according to the latest reports, Langlois has managed to grab a total of $18 million in 2021 through lucrative NFT pitches and sales. However, he shared a huge laugh when asked about the exact figure, we can just say he was just protecting his ego but stats and sources did not lie this time around.

It is amazingly fascinating really for young teens like Langlois and Stipp how they have set up a bigfoot in the NFT market. How they have become NFT giants in just a few trades and auctions. Langlois's comments clearly reveal that digital participation has been their thing really.

He said that from as little as 10, he was already in possession of knowledge to manipulate social media handles like YouTube and Twitter and online gaming. To him, it grew from a messing and bullish activity to a more serious, culture-like activity. This time much attention and effort were placed and oh my they truly hit the sweetest part of the jackpot!

Langlois thinks that trading as many collectibles as possible and auctioning artworks is the ideal way to go. Thanks to NFT designers who have given passage to flexibility and accessibility. This simply insinuates that freedom of navigation is top-notch while experience can be gained as you move on.

Now you might be wondering how the process of minting NFTs go about. Well, the process is pretty easy because it takes up simple steps. The initial step is to look for a marketplace. There are a lot of marketplaces like Super Rare. For example, it took young Stipp about 30 days or so to be accepted officially on a marketplace.

The process of acceptance is pretty lengthy. Make sure that you reach out to an active site for digital file upload. That way you are now able to tokenize your listed collectibles. In the case of Stipp and Langlois, they were still below the age of majority and they had to rely on parent participation to obtain Bitcoin wallets and PayPal accounts.

After completing that, you now have to link with other artists and gain traction. You can now bid your art with other community holders to kick-start art development. One best example of an aspiring juvenile doing wonders in the NFT world is Weird Whales Ahmed and another juvenile by the name of Nyla Hayes. They have been dominating fairly on the NFT market.

They have totally taken up a strategic sell out of thousands and thousands of artworks all basing on computer generation. Computation is done to achieve iteration.

Stipp applauds the flexibility and accessibility of the NFT platform, an advantage for many teens out there to work freely. It's very possible for teens to come up with a solid community meant to attract arbiters of taste. It's largely possible and many are putting it to practice.

Cat Graffam, an avid analyst, and commentator on digital frameworks bound by blockchain and the cryptic industry thinks that such marketplaces are very much predatory to teens. In simple terms, Graffam's assertion is critical on large wins always.

He believes, in his notion of understanding that already rich and wealthy members of the society are only liable to participate in such digital gatherings at full swing like Winklevoss twins. Such examples of people who already have a huge market share in NFT are very liable.

He says that unestablished and unrecognized members will at some point lose much when they attempt to break large on the market. His argument is correct at some point looking at the fact that sale owners usually take up a bigger chunk from this huge migration in NFT digital land.

It's not always the case that each and every teen, like Stipp and Langlois will gain thousands of dollars. Graffam presents one characteristic that should be taken into account. NFT art can be turned into flat and pure currency. Graffam's comments have been harshly attacked on social media with other people stipulating that he is a digital radical.

He further on believes that the valuation of art pieces on how much you make is economically deceitful and reductive. It's totally against the traditional value they have. It's very normal, like every sector of the market to have opinions like Graffam. They are bent on providing enlightenment and narrowing down on fraud possibilities.

Courtesy Erin Beesley

However, with all of the above in mind, Graffam stipulations, and teen thoughts, the future looks very bright. Teens like Beesley have not yet started high school and they have already gained a lot. Beesley began NFT trading in 2017 while playing online games like CryptoKitties.

She has been showing great signs of art since the tender meets tender. Just like Beesley, Stipp started off at a young age and recently engaged a friend to enhance sales. Beesley represents many young girl teens out there who are promising NFT fireworks.

He has not stopped pursuing his strategy of a limited one-off release. He has managed to enjoy a lot of bonus features while crypto gains a lot of volatility. Beesley has also been on the list of teens making huge bonuses so far.

Stipp believes that his chances of getting more at this time of the month are very high because he has grabbed the principles and guides of the market. Langlois and Stipp have grown an NFT bond with the older of the two promising to assist the young one.

The future holds a lot of exciting trades and auctions for many teens across the NFT community. With the industry growing and expanding, gaining a lot of collections, profits, and potential buyers, nothing will stop them from gaining large.