PUMA Is Launching a PFP NFT Collection Dedicated to Its 75th Anniversary

The world-famous sportswear brand PUMA is turning 75. To celebrate the big anniversary the company is going to expand its presence in web3 by launching the 10K-piece collection of PFP NFTs.

The upcoming series will feature PUMA's distinctive mascot Super PUMA, which initially appeared as a protagonist of comic books in the 1970s. That was an exciting adventure of a green cat, which inspired the creation of the new collection. PUMA’s brand-new series of avatars will highlight the brand's most historic sports moments over the last 75 years. 

With the launch of this NFT initiative, PUMA hopes to scale its web3 presence, expecting that minters will use the avatars from the series as their profile pictures on social media. The collection comes about a year after the company marked its web3 focus with the registration of its ENS domain, Puma.eth. All of which is to say this – the brand is steadily moving forward in the non-fungible realm. 

“Puma’s growing Web3 community played an important role in the launch of this new project,” PUMA Chief Brand Officer Adam Petrick commented on the PFP release, adding, “We listened to what our community wanted, and the Super PUMA PFP NFT is the result of that. It’s a great project to kick off our 75th anniversary as an expression of our brand mantra – Forever Faster – leaning on our history and heritage to push sport and culture forward through design and innovation.”

After its release back in the 1970s, the Super PUMA character returned on stage in 2017 for Rihanna’s Fenty show and further, in 2022, during last year's New York Fashion Week. The return of the Super PUMA as a PFP collection was announced on the brand's Twitter with a promotional video

As for the supply, 4,000 NFTs out of the 10,000 will be airdropped to holders of Nitro Collection – the project with a focus on innovative shoe styles. Being a partner collection on the 10KTF digital marketplace, 2,000 NFTs from the Super PUMA collection will be reserved for the community of the 10KTFshop, and the rest 4,000 PFPs will be available for the public through WL spots.

For now, the official date of the drop hasn't been announced, but it’s known that the airdrops for Nitro holders are scheduled for late February. The public mint will follow just in a while.  

We'll keep you updated on the matter. Stay tuned!