Paris Hilton to Launch a Valentine-Themed Virtual Experience in The Sandbox

The early web3 supporter and NFT creator Paris Hilton welcomes everyone willing to celebrate St. Valentine's Day in The Sandbox metaverse. Timed to the celebration, a romance-soaked virtual space entitled Parisland — a tropical island featuring Paris Hilton — was created. Paris herself will be hosting the metaverse experience, offering players to participate in a virtual dating reality show where they will try to match with one of five potential romantic partners.

The romantic metaverse game will be available for a month, starting from February 13th up to March 13th. The gamified experience offers players to earn rewards by participating in Hilton's reality show. These prizes will include points for completing romantic tasks, such as choosing a wedding ring and outfit, finding the chef's famous Love Burger secret formula, rescuing a castaway, and flirting with other participants to find love.

Moreover, after completing all the challenges, players will be able to enjoy a fabulous wedding party in the metaverse, dancing all night long with Paris Hilton herself for the newly-made couple.

I can’t think of a better way to light up the winter months than a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway to Paris Hilton’s tropical island in the metaverse,” Sebastien Borget, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of The Sandbox commented on the Parisland launch, adding, “Parisland offers a dazzling escape to sunny beaches, lighthearted romance, and genuine emotion as you discover and woo your romantic partner and celebrate with a destination wedding."

This Paris Hilton's collaboration with The Sandbox is already the second on the list of alike after the launch of the Malibu Mansion in August 2022. The metaverse campaign allows the celebrity to interact with and reward her fans in the virtual space rising engagement and popularizing web3 to the masses.