Shopify and Novel to Transfer Merchants to Web3

The international e-commerce platform Shopify has teamed up with a no-code web3 commerce platform Novel to deliver a seamless user experience to buyers and sellers through web3 technology. 

The mutually-beneficial partnership has given birth to the useful app on the Shopify App Store, which provides the existing Shopify merchants with a set of next-gen tools. Those instruments provided by the new platform allow users to benefit from web3 innovations in e-commerce without going deeper into blockchain technology and monetary commitments.

The brand-new application named Novel Shopify boasts two key features: NFT minting and distribution, and utility. The first feature allows users to generate visuals for NFT collections or upload an existing NFT series, while utilities cover a whole range of benefits. These include an opportunity to deploy smart contracts over the collection and make them available to users for purchase via the Shopify app without any crypto knowledge.

Thus, the Novel app automatically creates a crypto wallet for a consumer, without dealing with crypto. Alongside, the app treats consumers, brands, and creators to token-gated products, discounts, cross-chain gating on Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon, ERC-20 gating, and beyond.

By integrating with Shopify, we’re able to leverage the industry-leading e-commerce platform they have built to equip all Shopify merchants with the tools they need to enter the Web3 commerce spaces," Roger Beaman, CEO, and co-founder of Novel said.

The token-gating feature by Shopify and Novel comes as a one-fits-all web3 tool for retailers, allowing them to add utilities to their NFT collections.

Once you have an e-commerce-related business and want to test the web3 waters, Novel Shopify will make your entrance as smooth as possible with the set of insider intuitive tools. Want to try them, eh? If your answer is yes, share your thoughts and suggestions with our community!